A Citrus Juicer is a great selection for those who intend to extract juice from the various types of citrus fruit. This type juicer allows optimal extraction of all nutrients from the fruit without problems created in most juicers by the membrane, skin and seeds. Citrus juicers also efficiently extract the soluble fiber, pectin, which is known to help in lowering high cholesterol.

While most juicers cannot contend with citrus components like thick skin, membrane and seeds, citrus juicers are designed specifically to juice citrus fruits including lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit and tangerine.

A blender, to put it quite bluntly, is not a juicer. If you have ever used a blender to smash strawberries you will know from experience that all the blender does is macerate the berries into a mashed, blended state. Blenders are very basic machines designed to macerate and liquefy fruit.

A blender is not capable of separating juice from pulp; it does not enable the release of nutrients into the juice by breaking fibers. The result of using a juicer to make fresh instead of a blender is a highly nutritious, delectable drink of juice. It is a misuse of a blender to use it as a juicer.

Hand Press or Manual Juicer The defining characteristic of a hand press or manual juicer is that it requires no electricity to operate. The only power required is the strength of your hand. Pressure is manually applied to force the juice from fruits, veggies and even some wheatgrass.

Manual juicers are very easy to use but you will need to chop fruit into small chunks and either shred or chop veggies into small segments. The main advantage to hand press or manual juicers is that the pulp produced is very dry indicative of efficient juicing.