I keep 3 of these babies in my kit at all times- yes, 3! I use these on myself as well as clients to blend out foundation or to simply apply foundation with. The shape of the sponge is perfect for getting around the nose, under the eyes, and any other crevice that sneeks up on the face. Unlike most other sponges, this one doesn’t absorb too much liquid leaving you high and dry. My only complaint of this is the price, but I think it’s still worth it as it does work really well.


I will use the Makeup Geek Deluxe Stippling Brush on myself most of the time as it gives a fuller coverage, but I use the beauty blender on clients as it’s not as invasive to their face ;) I’ll also use the Beauty Blender when I want a lighter coverage or when the foundation is thicker (the wet sponge helps the foundation spread easier)

Caffeine, that magical element in coffee that shakes you up and wakes you up, is present in an even greater amount in a sister beverage known as tea. We are all busy and a lot of us are overloaded with work. Managing a family and at the same time juggling a packed schedule can prove to be a daunting task. Under such circumstances, a dose of freshly brewed coffee or tea is the best thing that keeps people going.


Coffee and tea can be consumed in different ways in different seasons. During the winter and cooler months, when we wish that everything liquid could pass over our tongues and down our throats, should be warm or perhaps scaling hot. Brewing becomes an affair involving steaming cups of coffee and tea being served with wild abandon, not just for the freshness of the drink, but also for the warmth they provide by the additional caffeine supplied energy. Come summer and the recipe changes. Coffee goes into the blender instead of the coffee pot, where it is joined by ice cubes and other ingredients to make a cool shake. Tea manages to escape the violence of the blender and gently seeps away into ice water.