You can put things like spinach leaves into Juicer Blender Suppliers and still get an amazing taste! If you're going to experiment with greens in your smoothies, stick to the leafy greens. Things like lettuce, spinach, chard, and even parsley will mix well and cause no digestive upset at all. But I wouldn't recommend a banana-broccoli combo. Celery also blends well with all fruit.


The first time I decided to try these green smoothies on my kids, I was nervous. They looked at it a bit strangely, but as soon as I told them I'd battled aliens in the back yard, then broke into their spaceship and stole their recipes, and that this recipe was their favorite, they grabbed the cup out of my hands before I could say, Alien Juice."


I don't care if you call it Shrek's Swamp Slime, or The Grinch's Grumpy- Busting Cocktail, get creative. Make health a game and you will be blessed with happier, healthier, calmer, more emotionally balanced children.


Start now by substituting processed snacks and sugary treats that are void of nutritional value, with nature's perfect foods and you will immediately see the difference in your children yourself.


For me, health is the best gift we can give our children, and to see them live disease-free lives in a body that thrives on good food, is the best gift they can give to me.